How did I get here?
It all started at the Kinko’s in Pleasanton, CA. I fell in love with how words and images were put together to convey an idea; how changing the color and layout could change the mood and the message. But I wasn’t crazy about physical copy and pasting. Enter the Macintosh with Aldus PageMaker and Adobe Photoshop (2.5). The door to design exploded open and adding the color copier to the mix, I was hooked.

Around the same time, a co-worker coaxed me into taking a multimedia class. Having no idea what it was, I was a bit hesitant but, went for it, eventually becoming a tutor to my fellow students. We had no idea that many, many years later, UX/UI design would be a thing. As time progressed, I moved onto Illustration and Animation at the Academy of Art University, where I led the charge to get the school to upgrade their computer systems. My feeling, if we are paying for it, we should get the best. I work that way with my clients.

Since that time, I created an in-house visual arts department for a health system, facilitated leadership conferences and worked as a designer in tech (at Google). However, I am most proud of being a part of 4others.org and helping found Spring of Hope in Ambo, Ethiopia; a place that cares for the needs of over 150 orphaned children with food, shelter, education, medical and clean water.

Today, I work with many clients from healthcare to education. Always listening to determine the best solutions whether it be static design, video or how to craft a campaign.

Let’s create something together.