Usagi Yojimbp: The Last Request (Proof of Concept)


I’m Cap.  Welcome to my site. Over the years I have picked up many different skills.  I consider myself a swiss army knife of sorts.  Currently I am working as Editor, VFX Supervisor and Associate Producer on “Usagi Yojimbo: The Last Request”, a proof of concept piece that Lintika Films is using to generate enthusiasm from investors, for a full length film. 




Cap was a great inspiration to work with. He really understood the work ethic it takes to become great in this industry and his quality never played second place to any challenge placed upon him. He kept things moving with a light hearted pace, a happy smirk, and a positive mentality which was often refreshing and inspirational.
More Accolades
Cap is an amazing artist! He has the ability to create complex graphics and design visual presentations that are simply stunning. He is able to work under extreme time constraints and very defined financial limits to produce high quality material and distinctive images. Cap always comes through!
Cap is extremely knowledgeable. He is facile with computer operations, and with video communication formats. He’s personable, accommodating, and always very professional in his work.
I have worked both directly and indirectly with Cap on several hospital projects, ranging from graphic design to video production. He has both a deep and broad understanding of how to get things accomplished. He is able to communicate his requirements clearly when asking for source documents. I am always happy to collaborate with him when on a project, and I also enjoy just chatting and getting ideas from him.